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Blueberry and Lemon Jam
Kids Kärleksmums cake

Super moist chocolate cake topped with chocolate cream and coated with dairy-free smarties.

Swedish Kärleksmums cake

Super moist chocolate cake topped with chocolate/coffee cream and sprinkled with coconut.

Marzipan buns

Filled with marzipan and topped with roasted almonds

Black olive, tomato, garlic, vegan cheese swirl

Black olive, tomato, garlic and vegan cheese swirl.


Juicy cherry and marzipan in our classic swirl.

Seville Orange Marmalade

Just Seville oranges, lemons and sugar go to make this very English breakfast marmalade.

Tomato & Apple chutney

A proper cheese and pickle chutney. A great cheese sandwich pickle.

Wholemeal loaves

A Scandinavian-style wholemeal bread with a small amount of added brown sugar.

Orange and Oat white loaf

Succulent white bread with orange juice and loaded with oats.

Pistachio cookies

Wholesome pistachio crunch – pack of 4

Carrot cake cookies

Luscious carrot, white chocolate and walnut cookie – pack of 4

White chocolate chip cookies

White chocolate chips in a light oat cookie – pack of 4

Dark chocolate cookies

Rich dark chocolate mixed with oats – pack of 4

Spinach and tomato swirls

Packed with spinach and tomatoes, homemade pesto and topped with cashew nuts.

Tomato and vegan cheese swirl

A rich tomato sauce with fresh baby plum tomatoes and vegan mozzarella.

Garlic and vegan cheese swirls

Homemade garlic paste with a generous layer of vegan cheese.

Apple cinnamon cake

Traditional apple cake made with plenty of cinnamon.

Apricot and custard plaited bread

From Norway’s west coast with apricot jam added to the vanilla cream.

Norwegian Belgian buns

Iced bun with a twist  …  of lemon, vanilla and sultanas and a cherry on the top.

Skoleboller / Sunshine buns

Sweet cardamon bun with vanilla cream, icing sugar and topped with coconut.

Cinnamon swirls

The sweet cinnamon-rich Scandinavian classic.