Welcome to Norwegian Bakers

Welcome to Norwegian Bakers. We bake a range of fresh breads, sweet and savoury buns, cakes and cookies from our vegan bakery in Wivenhoe, near Colchester in Essex.

We are now delivering to your home in Wivenhoe and Colchester and surrounding villages. You can place an order here. We can usually deliver, if we receive an order by 6pm the day before but are having to limit orders to the level we have capacity to handle.

Enjoy the exquisite taste of Norwegian baking. If you have any problems ordering or have any questions, do get in touch.


We’ve joined with wonderful local baker and clever thing Sue who produces the most amazing marmalade and chutneys. We’ve added these to our shopping list and we can deliver these on her behalf at the same time as any bread and cake orders. Enjoy.

Tomato & Apple chutney

Our traditional cakes, buns & cookies

All-vegan savoury treats

Exciting selection of breads

Lovingly Baked for You

Sweet Cakes & Pastries

All the classic cakes and pastries you love. Order online for same day, local delivery.

Savoury Pastries & Breads

Fantastic savouries taste amazing cold or heated up. Fresh, cruelty-free ingredients with bursts of flavour.

Delivery to your door

Jessika is supported by Richard, who is the usual face at markets and events, now delivering to your door with a (genuine) smile.

Freshly baked daily

Freshly baked overnight for you.